Lexington Shop for Pappagallo began as a career change for two 5th grade teachers in 1977. Gas cost 65 cents a gallon, Fleetwood Mac played on the radio. Gauchos and velour were the norm. Trading students for customers, and pencils for panache, the Shop became one of the most successful small town businesses this side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Susie Crawford became the sole proprietor in 19??

Over the years she has expanded the inventory beyond the espadrilles and wrap around skirts of the 1970s to include Vietnamese silk scarves, one of a kind Indian jewelry and trend setting brands out of California. Pappagallo’s flair and fortune were shaped by a wide range of people, places and events of the past 38 years. As a mother of three daughters, Susie came to be known as Mamagallo, after instilling an inescapable fashion sense in patrons of all ages. When the local university went co ed in 1985, Pappagallo became the go-to place for young college girls. Once Susie’s daughters went to college, travel became her new passion which found its way on to the display boards and racks of Pappagallo. Having traveled to dozens of countries she became a regular at the textile factories in Jaipur and her inventory became more enticing than ever.

If you haven’t yet made the visit to this part of the Shenandoah Valley, swing by and visit Pappagallo on Main Street. Susie will be sure to welcome you in her Dansko clogs, apron and friendly banter- unless of course she’s at a New York market, finding high quality batik in Indonesia or visiting her grandchildren.